General Foot Care

Callus aka Hyperkeratosis: 

  • Callus is a thickened layer of skin that occurs as result of continous excessive pressure on an area of your foot. 
  • This skin is not dead. This means it can be painful and may result in a "stinging" type pain. 
  • Calluses around the heel area can ultimately lead to cracks "fissures". Heel fissures are a skin opening and may lead to skin infections and pain. 


  • Corns are different to calluses. 
  • Corns initially start as calluses which are then further pushed into the skin. This in turn leads to the formation of a central core which is the painful area of the lesion.


  • Treatment/removal of corns and calluses is expertly done at Foot Health Podiatry.
  • Our podiatrists will provide you with a SIMPLE, QUICK and PAIN free treatment on the day.
  • Pressure reduction is imperative for a long term prevention. Our podiatrist may use padding, footwear modifications and/or foot Orthotics.

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